Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products

Vegetables preserve

Vortumnus Sp. z o.o., a fruit and vegetable processing company in Lisów (Podkarpackie Region), is a family-owned business based only on Polish capital. The beginnings of the company’s activity date back to the 1970s when the owners set up a specialist vegetable cultivation operation, later directing their efforts towards vegetable processing.

The company is a leading producer of a wide selection of fruit and vegetable products which are packaged in unit packaging (jars) of various capacities and adjusted to the individual requirements of its consumers.

Vortumnus  is also a leading producer of semi-finished products designed for confectionery (including jams, fruit fillings for cakes, candied fruit) and, due to a well-developed distribution network, the products are available throughout the country.

Tradition and experience garnered over thirty years and more means that the products of the Vortumnus brand are of ideal and stable quality, and of unique taste.

Vortumnus, being aware of the need to guarantee health safety and the best quality of its products, has developed and implemented a system of Hazard and Critical Control Points analysis (HACCP) and confidence of consumers who looks for food which is not a threat to health safety.

The value of Vortumnus products is often noticed at national and international exhibitions. The company has been awarded many prizes, including twice the national prize “Golden Tassel”, and six times the title of “Polish Food Producer”. The company is also a laureate of such prizes as “Good Because it’s Polish”, “Agro Poland”, “Eagle of Agribusiness”, and twice the title of “Employer and Organizer of Safe Work”. In 2009 the company was awarded “Entrepreneurship”, a prize awarded by the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Association.