Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products

Polish Awards winning beers

The unique flavour of our beers comes from:

  • postglacial water – crystal clear and perfect in taste, drawn from our own intakes situated among the moraine hills
  • yeast from our own propagation station
  • hop – from the famous Lublin hop – aromatic and bitter
  • malting barley – our own crop, from which malt is produced through strict selection of barley
  • the passion and skills of our brewers and the centuries-old tradition of the region, which enables us to draw on the old recipes handed down from generation to generation.

A beer with secret power. It has a full, intense flavour and a unique colour characteristic for bock beers.
It is brewed according to ancient recipes by the initiated brewing masters of the Amber
Brewery. Each of them knows only a part of the recipe, and so they meet once a year to create a beer that delights in its exceptionality.

Core is a delicious Vollbier and a pure natural product.

Superior malt gives the beer its distinctive full round body. Superior hops are responsible for the gentle and smooth bitter finish. Selected Styrian pumpkin seeds, carefully roasted, add a_delicate nut flavor.

Proper carbonation contributes to the outstanding taste of this specialty beer.